Creatives are a bit mysterious aren’t they? Shuffling about with their macbooks and hipster outfits, paid to have fun and mess around with colours and words. I recently wrote a blog post about graphic designers, and how people don’t really understand what they do – I think copywriters definitely fall under the same mysterious creative banner.

I often think that it’s probably our own fault that we’re seen this way. We never really lift the creative veil and say ‘hey so we actually do some really practical work behind our Notebooks!’ We never really think about explaining our trade our creative process properly.

First things first – we do a lot more than write up words, we (like graphic designers) wear a few different hats that help us create copy that doesn’t just sound good but actually creates web traffic, loyal customers and increases sales.

Which hats do we wear?

I would say any copywriter worth their salt is also a brand expert, a marketer, a creative writer and understands the basics of design. A copywriter also constantly walks a tightrope between the creative and commercial world so that the copy answers a brief, is engaging and taps into something unique. A copywriter’s goal is to captivate the reader and take them on a journey from brand awareness to loyal customer, without them even realising.

Step by step

When it comes to websites, getting the copy right is crucial. Websites are now the first place a person looks to find out more about your business and why they should even interact with you. 80% of website users will never go back to a website if they’ve had a negative experience. If you have a website that looks like a digital dinosaur, they will probably never come back and will hop to your other competitors on Google without a second thought.

Your website isn’t just a shop window, it can be used to push your users to action and should be integral to the success of your business. Great copy helps create a quality customer experience for your website which elevates your brand, company values and creates long-term loyalty.

So why is investing in professional copywriting so important for websites?

1: Attracts potential customers to your website

Great website content improves website traffic, increases customer interaction and raises awareness of your brand and services.

How? By picking the right words that your audience searches for on Google, otherwise known as SEO, which will help more potential customers find your site, and can convince readers to choose you over your competitors.

Good SEO captures google visitors by adding keywords to your website that people search for and stops users clicking off your site by appealing to their interests and needs.  Good quality copy works subtle SEO into the body of the text which attracts users to your site and shows them what makes you special.

2: Helps convert a visitor into a loyal customer

Once your content attracts a visitor to your website, the copy should work in tandem with great website design so that you lead the visitor through an online journey which convinces them to browse through your website and ultimately interact with you.

Professional copywriting takes on board what your core audience is interested in and what will help convince them that you are the company to pick. Good content takes on every step of customer conversion – from discovering you on google, browsing through your website to facilitating contact.

The power of words can make a visitor pick up the phone and ring you because they feel you offer what they need and that you appeal to their values. A good professional copywriter will add the right keywords, structure, layout and tone – giving you the building blocks to capture visitors and nurture long-term customer relationships.

3: Strengthens your brand

A strong brand is directly linked to increased sales. People want to instantly understand who you are and what makes you tick.

Words can help you transform how a reader views your brand. Words can create a consistent image that connects right to your target audience.

When a skilled copywriter works on a website project, one of their main aims is to strengthen your brand. They will work on your brand values, what your target audience cares about, and how to let your best-selling points shine.

4: Differentiates you from your competitors

If 10 other companies in your area sell a very similar service or product, how can you convince someone that you are the company that they should go with?

It’s simple – if your website is the best on the market, your customers will think you are the market leader. Or think about it this way – if two people went for an interview and one was sat upright and dressed in a suit while the other was slouching and had a creased and stained T-shirt on, which one would you choose before even seeing their C.V or speaking to them?

Your website is often the first thing potential customers see about your company, and first impressions count. Copywriters work in tandem with graphics designers and website coders so that every part of a website is consistent and shines a spotlight on why you are unique and why someone should pick you above someone else.

Copywriters understand that words have the power to put you above your competitors and know how to use them in the most effective way for your business. A great copywriter will work closely with you to find your unique selling points and values to elevate your company and put you a cut above the rest.

5: Gives a positive online image of your company

First impressions aren’t just about beating your competitors, they are also crucial for your company’s image. 80% of website users will never go back to a website if they’ve had a negative experience. Bad website design and badly worded pages are the top reasons why users click off and find another website that gives them what they need.

Sleek website design and memorable content help users easily find what they want and understand who you are – creating a positive image and helping you to achieve long-term relationships with your customers.

A mix of quality content and web design is the magic formula for creating a website that your customers remember for all the right reasons.

Psst! At Bamboo, we have our very own copywriter, Sara Benaissa. If you are thinking about a new website and need to work on your web copy, give us a call and we can have a chat about how great design and content create the best websites on the digital market.