Bamboo Migration does what it says on the plugin.

A week ago we released Bamboo Migration, our eighth plugin for WordPress. This plugin is a bit of a departure from the type we normally release, in that it’s of more use to developers than users.

In keeping with our usual ethos for creating plugins, Bamboo Migration  does one thing, and does it as  simply as possible – it makes moving a WordPress site from one domain to another really easy. It does this by generating a custom .sql export file of the entire WordPress database, with all references to the old domain name replaced with the new one.

A nice surprise side effect of releasing a plugin for developers is that it attracts more attention than a normal plugin. In this instance the plugin has been listed by Web Designer Depot in  ‘The Best Free WordPress Plugins For November 2014‘. While we don’t normally chase accolades and awards (its just not what we’re about), we’re really chuffed when somebody finds one of our plugins useful.

We’re planning to release our ninth plugin before Christmas, and I’m sure we won’t be too far into 2015 before our tenth one sees the light of day. We just hope that the WordPress community find them as useful as our other plugins.