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Why Google Rankings strategies matter Your site is up and running, it’s looking sleek and shiny, ready for the whole world to see. You sit at your computer waiting for the thousands of visits and leads that are going to come knocking on your digital window. So why have the weeks gone by and you’re […]

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Mirror, Mirror

What does your online presence say about you? ‘Who am I?’ is a timeless question, and answering it has never been straight forward. Your true self not only changes through time and experience but is also adaptable to different situations. Then there is the projected self, or how you show yourself to the outside world. […]

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Are We Transcending Social Media

Sharing is caring Are we transcending traditional social media? There is a lot of online buzz about whether social media has replaced traditional marketing and journalism. The short answer to this is yes in a fashion it has, and quite a while ago. What is more importantly happening is that traditional social media channels are […]

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Social Creatures

How social media and the digital world are inspiring social movements The concept of society has always existed in some form and has been social at its heart, but what is different now is that we are simultaneously living in two different social worlds. World Wide Web The internet was at first very separate from […]

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Children of the Revolution

Are Millennials actually 21st century hippies? Millennials are receiving a lot of, sometimes unwanted, attention in the media. The privileged, digital dream seekers that are shaking up the modern business age. Millennials though are much more than social media inventors or hipster café owners. They are part of the new technological revolution and are helping […]

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