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The Green Machine

Why ethical marketing is here to stay Social responsibility, conscious capitalism and ethical marketing are all buzzing around the internet, are being pinged across email servers and are heatedly debated in meeting rooms around the world. Why? because those who are paid to watch out for changes in market trends have already noticed that responsible […]

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Northern Soul

Why Manchester is becoming a global centre for digital creatives The red-brick northern giant, the home of Oasis, the set of Shameless and the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The city today is as iconic as it is infamous, as gritty as it is cosmopolitan and as northern as it is global. Manchester has always […]

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A Web Designer’s Day in Manchester

The sun has been out so instead of sitting for lunch and discussing web design things, we headed out across Manchester to capture our favourite place in the world… Manchester ūüôā – Captured¬†our senior developer Mark on a two step

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Relocation, relocation, relocation

Following a series of unfortunate events, which I won’t go into here, we have decided¬†to relocate.¬†Bamboo has run from rented office space for over ten years now, and it’s never been as simple as it should be – Landlords take note, your tenants are NOT on-site maintenance staff, estate agents or fire marshals. We decided […]

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