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Let Me Tell You A Story

Why people want to know the story behind the brand Humans have always connected through stories. Even when we didn’t know how to write, we passed on stories through folklore, songs and pictures. Some of our most beloved stories and books are actually just modern versions of the most ancient of tales, which shows how […]

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3 Reasons why you should be using Infographics

Getting through to your audience has never been more complicated. We are living in an age of hyper-communication where each individual, on average, processes the equivalent of 174 newspapers and is exposed to an estimated 10,000 adverts every single day. The hurrier I go the behinder I get Cutting through the noise and grabbing fickle […]

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Mirror, Mirror

What does your online presence say about you? ‘Who am I?’ is a timeless question, and answering it has never been straight forward. Your true self not only changes through time and experience but is also adaptable to different situations. Then there is the projected self, or how you show yourself to the outside world. […]

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Are We Transcending Social Media

Sharing is caring Are we transcending traditional social media? There is a lot of online buzz about whether social media has replaced traditional marketing and journalism. The short answer to this is yes in a fashion it has, and quite a while ago. What is more importantly happening is that traditional social media channels are […]

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Northern Soul

Why Manchester is becoming a global centre for digital creatives The red-brick northern giant, the home of Oasis, the set of Shameless and the birthplace of the industrial revolution. The city today is as iconic as it is infamous, as gritty as it is cosmopolitan and as northern as it is global. Manchester has always […]

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Children of the Revolution

Are Millennials actually 21st century hippies? Millennials are receiving a lot of, sometimes unwanted, attention in the media. The privileged, digital dream seekers that are shaking up the modern business age. Millennials though are much more than social media inventors or hipster café owners. They are part of the new technological revolution and are helping […]

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