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We are a small team of typically friendly northerners with a passion for the web and all things design. Established over ten years ago, we specialise in producing strong creative ideas, and implementing them in a down-to-earth manner. We don’t design things or use technologies for the sake of it, we create websites that get our clients new business and customers.


With a background in print design and sign writing, Simon took to designing for the web like a duck to water. Over 15 years later and Simon is an expert at designing websites that don’t just look amazing, but also fulfil complex business objectives.

He may not be go to as many raves these days, but Simon always has his finger on the pulse of the Manchester scene and all things creative. This makes him the ideal person to look after the design side of Bamboo.


Heading up the development side of the team, Mark has over 20 years experience in coding. From games for the ZX Spectrum (you need to be as old as Mark to remember what that is), to payroll applications for the public sector, Mark has written code for just about everything.

Today, Mark’s coding skills are focussed on delivering awesome websites that are fast, flexible and easy to use.


We love Manchester, but it’s not the cheapest place in the world when it comes to office space. In true Bamboo style we’ve come up with a creative solution that allows us to be based right in the heart of Manchester without the overheads.

Enter Ziferblat, the coolest co-working space in Manchester. They have spaces in both the Northern Quarter and Media City, and by making these our home, we can be right where our client’s need us, but at a fraction of the cost. This means we can deliver amazing work at a fraction of the prices charged by other Manchester agencies.

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